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Sports betting and casino gambling are some of the most risky businesses you can find in the entertainment industry. It promises you constant satisfaction of your needs, such as pure pleasure from watching a game, making spins and so on to winning real monetary prizes. If you are ready to do that you better read a review about BetWinner. But what really matters here is the control of your bankroll and emotions. Uncontrollable betting can lead to gambling addiction and serious mental problems.

Here in the article, you will learn what you can do to avoid gambling addiction or cope with it; you will get some recommendations on how to play wisely and with a cool head.

The Mechanisms That Form Addiction

Mechanisms That Form Addiction

The risk of becoming a gambling addict is very high among newbies who have the wrong approach to sports betting and rare among professionals who are long-term and experienced players. However, it is very delicate to establish that you start having addiction problems, mainly because it has some triggers:

  1. One of the first problems of sports betting is that once you dive into the world of emotions, it is difficult to pull you outside. So, it is one of the primary mistakes to succumb to your emotional side instead of keeping your head cool.
  2. Feeling invincible. When you start relying on luck instead of analysis and calculations, it can cause a major failure. It is not like spinning a slot machine. If you wish to prevail in sports betting, you should be prepared for lots of work.
  3. The urge to win back your money. When you start losing, it is only natural to want your staked fund back.

These psychological triggers are the first mechanisms that start the series of unfortunate events preventing a user from taking a break and leading to addiction. Further in the text, you will find tips for successful interaction with the online sports betting industry.

Why People Bet?

There can be several reasons why people like sports betting, and they can vary from pure joy to solving your financial situation. But these are the most obvious ones. Based on observations of professional bettors, sometimes they need to spice up their routine life; in other cases, they wish to achieve acknowledgements and status in the narrow circles of like-minded bettors. 

However, these reasons are not all you can hear. Find more grounds in the list below:

  • luck testing
  • trying some new emotions
  • hoping to win a jackpot
  • to support their teams
  • to have a bit of fun
  • feeling closer to the sports industry, etc.

There are a whole bunch of excuses why people like to place stakes on various sports. Many consider it as their hobby; some bet to put down stress and others to test their mathematical skills. However, there are those who use betting to become wealthier.

So, where is this thin line between the excitement betting brings you and addiction? In the following parts of the article, you will learn more about this problem and receive valuable recommendations.

Basic Reasons for Addiction 

Psychologists and other mental professionals indicate several dangers of falling into this black hole of unstoppable and compulsive betting. Some of the mental triggers were previously mentioned, but this part of the article is dedicated to other vital reasons that can happen with any bettor:

  1. Availability of entertainment to anyone. Since sports betting and casino games became affordable for the majority of the public, they caused a huge interest because they look like easy money. So, when a punter starts playing, the realization that it involves real money is substituted by the adrenaline rush. 
  2. Trendy social activity. Currently, anybody who follows trends tries this entertainment and maybe even succeeds in winning a small amount of money, then shares its victory on social networks, attracting other punters to join. So, in order to become a part of the crowd, some users decide to wager.
  3. A chance to hide from reality. Wagering can be another type of disorder, the same as with gaming fans. Those who run from reality turn out looking like addicts who found their gold mine.
  4. Feeling the potential to win the main reward. When you start placing stakes on sporting events, it seems that your victory is somewhere near. Just another bet will get you closer to the main prize. However, it is all an illusion.

You need to build a healthy relationship with your bookmaker by establishing some boundaries. This approach will be very mature and responsible if you get rid of the concept of easy money in betting.

Who is the Most Vulnerable?

It is true that not all players are equally vulnerable. There are some groups of bettors and gamblers who are especially susceptible to risks of becoming addictive. One of them is newcomers. They can hear a word or two about how their friends made some money placing a soccer bet. Such stories naturally cause interest and involvement from other hearers. So, they decide to join one of the online bookmakers and start making bets without any knowledge of the sports.

As you can imagine, such stories do not end well. Punters stay disappointed, and their worst scenario is when they wish to win their money back. Experts emphasize that this group of punters is the weakest and the largest in the industry.

Another vulnerable cluster of punters are people in debt, who see betting as their chance to save their wealth and dignity. For some of them, however, it is a rare case to try to wager responsibly. Others simply try to trick the system, cheat and use prediction sites in the hope of a huge win.

Any reputable and prestigious betting brand does not leave them in trouble despite their carelessness and strives to provide them with warnings, notifications if they exceed the betting limit and other innovative technologies that can save the situation and help a player realize their mistakes. Later in the text, you will learn more about these mechanisms.

Gaming Addiction Symptoms

Gaming Addiction Symptoms

There is a range of symptoms that are worth your attention. If you notice them, it is certainly a bad sign that warns you about bad tendencies growing with your mental state. To be more specific, you can observe all of them in the list below:

  1. Impossibility to stop wagering. It is one of the primary signs that something is wrong when you spend more than 3 hours placing bets on sporting events and spinning slots. If you cannot make a day break from wagering, you need to think about professional help.
  2. Neglection of other life spheres. Forgetting about your daily routine or some vital activities you need to devote your time to is a sure trouble. When you have a healthy and stable state of mind, it is very unlikely that you will miss work or a doctor’s appointment. 
  3. Long-term excitement and some neurological issues. Wagering brings a certain amount of excitement that can last longer but can, in case of failures, grow into a more unpleasant emotion.
  4. Suspicious behavior. Your never-ending passion for betting can narrow your communication with family and friends to constant talks about your success on the platform or even offerings to bet on money for them.
  5. A string of winnings can stop you from taking a break. Not only those who suffer major losses can fall victim to betting addiction. When your bets are successful, it makes you think that every next stake will bring them more profit. So, it keeps them going and can cause some kind of disorder if left uncontrolled.

These signs can be difficult to identify. Thus, you can always use other tricks to resist the bad influence of sports betting, experiencing only its profitable side. However, if you only begin your journey and have no clue how to enhance your betting performance, you need to spend time and do your homework before you can place an actual bet.

How to Cope with Gambling Addiction

How to Cope with Gambling Addiction

The question of the possibility of coping with gambling addiction always poses a question point blank when the situation intensifies. Gambling experts and special organizations have some recommendations for this case:

  1. Applying for professional assistance. Many prestigious gambling and wagering brands offer links to organizations that can help gambling addicts treat the issue.
  2. Turning on the self-exclusion feature. Multiple famous platforms offer such options to protect their vulnerable users. It allows you to block you from betting on a particular platform for a certain time. It provides punters with a necessary break from online sports wagering.
  3. Setting wagering and other limits. By testing lots of prominent betting brands, you can notice that the majority of them offer their punters to set their betting process with more convenience and set the necessary types of limitations.

These recommendations can help you cope with gambling addiction or prevent any of its risks right in the beginning. Do not forget to follow them if you wish to keep a clear mind and stable emotional state.

Tips on Responsible Gaming and How to Develop a Solid Approach to Betting

Tips on Responsible Gaming and How to Develop a Solid Approach to Betting

Despite the fact of increased risks when you place sports bets, there are recommendations that appeal to users and make them think about more responsible betting. Professional bettors usually successfully integrate them into their wagering routine, turning them into habits they cannot forget.

Therefore, when newbies start their betting journey, it is highly recommended that they know and adopt some of the tips that help them play with full awareness of reality. So, find the most efficient tips in the list below:

  1. Manage your time. It is one of the most vital limits you need to set before you start. Planning always helps here. Draw a list of games you wish to place your bets on and stick to it so your full focus will be directed towards making the right decision.
  2. Set bankroll limits. Another crucial limitation is your budget. It is so easy to become broke that your financial state requires intense control. Sports betting needs to remain a pleasure, so it is not very wise to wager all your salary.
  3. Never give up your routine. Your betting habits should be developed into a solid routine you do to avoid unnecessary triggers. When you are certain about your actions and plans, there is nothing that can catch you by surprise. 

There are other valuable comments and feedback from professionals and punters who suffer from this problem, so you are free to read about their experience and acquire more useful tips for further use. Besides, it is hugely efficient to read blogs and forums where long-term players leave engaging comments about their experience, probable predictions and much more. If you plan to start wagering, you better read a review about BetWinner.



Summing up all the facts about gambling addiction, it becomes evident that even though it has visible risks, it still attracts multiple users who believe that luck is on their side. Yearly, many bettors suffer from betting addiction due to their ill and unprofessional approach to this type of entertainment. Therefore, one of the purposes of the article is to make you more wise and use some tools offered by many bookmakers to your benefit.

Do not forget to practice a responsible approach to betting on sporting events because it involves money and can cause emotional instability if you leave the process unsupervised.



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