Choosing the wheelchair appropriate for you is definitely very important as it is an investment you will be making to help with your disability in the near future. Due to the advancements in technology, the options and market for wheelchairs is enormous, to say the least. We have simplified the process of choosing a suitable one for you. Read more to find how to choose the wheelchair best suited to your needs.

Before making the decision to buy a wheelchair, you must consider the following things:

What environment you will be using it in, what material you want the wheelchair to be, its design, your own physical proportions and individual preference, to name a few.


It is important to ensure from before what environment the chair will be used in and what for. If you plan to use the chair mostly indoors, it will be in your best interest to purchase a compact and mobile wheelchair such as a foldable manual wheelchair which can be folded to be compact, thus not taking up too much space. Similarly, if you frequent both indoor and outdoor places, you can look for a wheelchair that can facilitate such a lifestyle, such as an electric scooter which enables you to drive yourself independently while feeling like a wheelchair. Your seller might help you with choosing a range of accessories to customize and personalize the wheelchair to help in different situations, for example accessories to support in maneuvering through tight spaces.


Another thing worth noting is what type of material you want your wheelchair to be. It mostly depends on your budget and individual preference. These chairs are mainly made from four materials. The first and more widely known is steel; chairs made of steel are the heaviest but, the most sturdy and resistant as well as cheaper. The second is aluminum which is light and easy to use but more expensive than steel. The third is titanium which is incredibly lightweight but the second most expensive material to use for making wheelchairs. The fourth, most expensive but the best material to use for making an extremely lightweight and durable wheelchair is Carbon fiber.


Moreover, it is also necessary to purchase a wheelchair that suits your physical proportions. Wheelchair seats should be 2 to 4 cm greater than the width of your hips to ensure a comfortable using experience for prolonged periods of time. It’s also vital that you purchase a wheelchair that can easily and safely support your weight if you don’t fall into the category of average weight. There’s also different wheelchairs for different age groups which is why this is also something to consider as your purchase will depend on the age of the user as well. For example, scooters or motorized wheelchairs are for old people and manual wheelchairs for teenager.


You need to have a reliable funding source as these chairs can be quite heavy on the pockets such as an insurance plan.


You also have to decide from before what personal customizations you’ll want in your wheelchair, such as the wheel camber, accessories, side guards that fit the chair, all of that stuff. Considering all these features can also dramatically improve your experience when using the wheelchair because it has been personalized to suit your unique needs.


Lastly, you will also have to go through what is called the wheelchair seating process which involves a professional taking your measurements to help you get the best wheelchair setup such as arm cushions, seat to name a few. They can also guide you to get the best possible mechanisms for yourself as well which will make your using experience as comfortable as possible.

If you take all these things into consideration while purchasing a wheelchair, you will undoubtedly be able to find the wheelchair that is not only right, but perfect for you.

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