Medical tape is a product that is typically used for wound care. It functions by securing bandages or gauze onto a wound. This product is hypo-allergenic and breathable, attaching easily to the surfaces of bandages.

There are many styles of medical tape that can be purchased in accordance to individual needs. Generally, medical tape should be easy to use and strong enough to hold the bandage onto the skin. However, not all kinds of medical tape is waterproof, therefore you should be specific when deciding upon the product that is right for you.

Medical tape can be purchased at pharmacies or healthcare supply stores. They are affordable and can be used by anyone, not just medical practitioners. Alternatively, this product can be purchased online as it is likely that there is a bigger variety that can be found.

Which Tape Should I Choose From?

Some of the ways that you can choose the medical tape that is appropriate for you is by looking at the fabric of the materials. 3M tape comes in a variety of forms:

Paper Medical Tape (Micropore)

This kind of tape is secure and can be used in sensitive skin. It is light and allows air to easily enter the surface. Typically, it is used in conjunction with bandages that need to be changed regularly.

Zinc-Oxide Medical Tape (Hy Tape)

Hy Tape can reduce the chance of any skin tearing, and is beneficial if the skin is oily or constantly sweaty. It is lasting in use because of its adhesiveness and water resistant nature. Hy Tape is also advised to anyone that is suffering from a skin condition, as it caters to delicate skin.

Silk Medical Tape (3M Durapore Tape)

Durapore Tape is made of silk and is ideal for applications that require durability. This product sticks well to dry skin and is hypoallergenic, allowing for high-strength applications.

Plastic Medical Tape (3M Transpore)

Transpore tape provides good adhesion to the skin and to tubing. It is water resistant and ideal for securing bandages. The easy tear plastic allows this tape to work reliably and enables the user to adjust the tape accordingly.

Cloth Medical Tape (3M Medipore)

Medipore tape is water resistant, hypoallergenic and breathable. It can be used to hold dressings and catheters, and secure areas of the skin that could stretch such as edema, distention or hematoma, as it allows for flexibility and movement.

Hopefully this article has helped you make a decision on the purpose and uses of medical tape.

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