A wrist pressure monitor is a device that is typically used to measure someone’s blood pressure levels. Blood pressure level measurements are typically carried out during a clinical check-up, but anyone is able to purchase this device to be used at home.

Using a wrist pressure monitor does not require any special training, and having this device in your home can bring about a number of benefits if you are someone who suffers from an imbalanced blood pressure or is a patient of hypertension. For example, this gives you the opportunity to monitor yourself without having to visit the doctor regularly, which saves financial costs.

There are a variety of wrist pressure monitors in the market that you are able to choose from based on your specific needs, so thoroughly research and compare a few different types before settling on a product that is appropriate for you.

A common problem that occurs when using a wrist pressure monitor at home is receiving an inaccurate reading. This is caused by a number of different factors that will be discussed below.


Placement of the wrist pressure monitor


The placement of the wrist cuff is the most important factor that will allow for the most accurate reading. The cuff should be wrapped 1cm away from the start of the wrist. When taking measurements, the cuff should be parallel with your heart. You can rest your arm on a pillow to do so. If the measurement is taken with the wrist placed at any level below the heart, you are more likely to receive an inaccurate measurement.

Make sure your body is clear from any intoxicants


Consumption of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or any other substances can definitely alter the accuracy of the reading. Therefore, it is recommended to stay clear from any of these for approximately 45 minutes before you are about to measure a reading.


Get some rest prior to the reading


Your mind should be calm and de-stressed when you measure your blood pressure as stress is a trigger that can increase your levels. Take some time for yourself, and do something that you enjoy. Make sure that you are in a relaxed mental state before and during the time that you take the measurements.

Make sure your body is prepared for the reading


Long-sleeves should be rolled up and the skin of the area where the cuff will be wrapped should be bare. You should be seated in a chair that supports your spine so that you are able to sit upright comfortably. During the process of taking blood pressure levels, your body should be relaxed and your arm unclenched.


Take more then one reading


To get the most accurate results of your reading, measure your blood pressure levels more than once, with a difference of one minute between each reading. This is because fluctuations can often occur even in short amounts of time.

With these factors in mind, you are now ready to use your wrist pressure monitor at home safely and efficiently.

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