T-Relief vs Traumeel


Traumeel is made up of a variety of chemical solutions. Each supposed to do a particular job as it regards pain relief and wound healing. There are chemicals that are anti-inflammatory (Mercurius solubilis). Some others that are supposed to accelerate wound healing (Calendula officinalis, Echinacea, Symphytum, etc). There are those that are supposed to reduce pain and inflammation (Matricaria recutita, Hamamelis virginiana, Hypericum, etc). And finally to reduce swelling Arnica montana, Hamamelis virginiana, etc).

Traumeel has been subjected to a number of clinical trials to varying effects. While there have been some promising results so far, the results have not been comprehensive. So, promising results are alongside some trials that seem to suggest Traumeel doesn’t work.

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T-Relief has not been subjected to the same amount of sweeping trials as Traumeel but they should both be similar in results. This is especially considering that both Traumeel and T-Relief contain similar ingredients. However, T-Relief does contain a greater concentration of the ingredients in question. It also happens to contain a greater number of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents.

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Comparison of T-Relief vs Traumeel

Ever since Heel Inc the company that produces Traumeel decided to stop selling Traumeel in the US, T-Relief has been marketed as an alternative.

Both T-Relief and Traumeel are ointments that are supposed to be able to reduce pain, and help wounds heal faster. Traumeel in participating was widely regarded as a placebo drug that had no real effect. Scientific tests and user experience did serve to question that point of view – Traumeel indeed did work to some extent at least. They are both forms of homeopathic remedies.

Apart from relieving pain both T-Relief and Traumeel speed up the process of recovery from the wound.

Now, as Traumeel is being replaced by T-Relief, one does wonder which – if any – is the better pain relief ointment.

Of course, due to the fact that it has been around for longer, there is more scientific data available for Traumeel than for T-Relief.

T-Relief VS TraumeelBoth can be applied to swellings, strains, cramps, bruises, muscle soreness. In essence, they can be applied to any injury that does not cause a break in the skin. Both are applied to the surface of the area where the injury occurs and slowly worked into the skin until they disappear.

Despite the fact that both Traumeel and T-Relief are created for mild injuries, some people have reported that they work on more serious problems. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, are all conditions that Traumeel in particular has been reported to help alleviate the pain.

Neither T-Relief nor Traumeel has a dosage limit. That means that depending on the intensity of the pain, you can apply either ointment as much as you need to. Both ointments also happen to follow different pathways than drugs like Aspirin and Ibuprofen. This means that taking such drugs together with T-Relief or Traumeel could reduce the pain even more.

So, in essence you shouldn’t be worried about Traumeel’s replacement. Both have been designed to do the same thing. Both have been manufactured using the similar ingredients. Both should work just fine.

Most professions have a symbol that eventually comes to represent the profession in the wider public consciousness. This symbol is usually a tool or a piece of equipment used by the practitioners of said profession.

For the medical profession this symbol is – perhaps – the stethoscope. It is an ubiquitous took in the medical field and pretty much every practitioner must have one.

During the 1960’s, a man named David Littmann caused a revolution in the production of diagnostic equipment. This revolution ensured that Littmann stethoscopes have become the most widely used stethoscopes.

Under the company 3M, Littmann stethoscopes continue the trend of innovation David Littmann pioneered even today.

The Littmann line of stethoscopes has a wide range of specifications you can select from. Depending on your budget and what you prefer there is a stethoscope for everyone.

Two of the best stethoscopes that have ever been made are the Littmann Master Cardiology and the Littmann Cardiology IV. Both are incredible stethoscopes, both have pros and cons, and both have been used by thousands across the globe, which is one of the reasons why we made this Master Cardiology vs Cardiology IV comparison.

Master Cardiology vs Cardiology IV usually come right down to individual preference. Both are excellent, both have great acoustics. The fact that the Cardiology IV retains the pediatric chestpiece usually tips the scales for some people. However, anyone of them would be a good buy.

Thank you for reading our Master Cardiology vs Cardiology IV review. We hope you enjoyed our mini-guide and got a few steps closer to choosing the right one.

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