Master Cardiology VS Cardiology IV

Most professions have a symbol that eventually comes to represent the profession in the wider public consciousness. This symbol is usually a tool or a piece of equipment used by the practitioners of said profession.

For the medical profession this symbol is – perhaps – the stethoscope. It is an ubiquitous took in the medical field and pretty much every practitioner must have one.

During the 1960’s, a man named David Littmann caused a revolution in the production of diagnostic equipment. This revolution ensured that Littmann stethoscopes have become the most widely used stethoscopes.

Under the company 3M, Littmann stethoscopes continue the trend of innovation David Littmann pioneered even today.

The Littmann line of stethoscopes has a wide range of specifications you can select from. Depending on your budget and what you prefer there is a stethoscope for everyone.

Two of the best stethoscopes that have ever been made are the Littmann Master Cardiology and the Littmann Cardiology IV. Both are incredible stethoscopes, both have pros and cons, and both have been used by thousands across the globe, which is one of the reasons why we made this Master Cardiology vs Cardiology IV comparison.

littmann master cardiology

Littmann Master Cardiology

The Littmann Master Cardiology has a couple of features that really make it stand out. It has dual frequency diaphragms, the diaphragms are tunable as well. Two sound conduits parallel to each other are designed to help combat the problem of ambient noise and friction. The olives also utilise the Snap-Tight Soft Sealing technology.

The only drawbacks of the Master Cardiology are its adult sized diaphragm (they are unsuitable for kids). Also, the Master Cardiology is really heavy because the chest piece is made of thick stainless steel to improve acoustics.

The acosutic performance of the Master Cardiology is quite possibly unrivalled by any other stethoscope. The Master Cardiology combines a number of unique features to become one of the most complete stethoscopes around.

The Littmann Master Cardiology usually has an average price of around $200. However it is often discounted, so check the current price before you purchase.

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Littmann Cardiology IV

Like the Master Cardiology a lot of people consider the Cardiology IV to be the best Littmann Stethoscope ever.

Like typical Littmann stethoscopes the Cardiology IV features a double sided chest piece. This enables it to be used for both pediatric and adult patient (this feature is absent on a lot of the more expensive Littmann stethoscopes).

The diaphragms have dual-lumen tubing which enables it to reduce ambient noise and friction. Both diaphragms are also tunable. This combination of features means that the Cardiology IV has terrific acoustics. It can easily capture sounds of a high frequency and it can easily isolate noise in places that are very loud. These acoustic qualities are despite a longer stethoscope tube.

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littmann cardiology iv

Master Cardiology vs Cardiology IV usually come right down to individual preference. Both are excellent, both have great acoustics. The fact that the Cardiology IV retains the pediatric chestpiece usually tips the scales for some people. However, anyone of them would be a good buy.

Thank you for reading our Master Cardiology vs Cardiology IV review. We hope you enjoyed our mini-guide and got a few steps closer to choosing the right one.

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