Leatherman Rebar vs Wingman

The market of the multi-tool sees new releases every day. Many manufacturers are trying to take over the market with more advanced and trending tools. If we have a look at the other products from the Leatherman, it feels like Rebar is not the only player in the field.

Leatherman Rebar vs Wingman

There are many other trending multi-tools from Leatherman that may be real competitors of Rebar like Leatherman vs Wingman and Leatherman Rebar vs Wave+. For a better understanding of the Leatherman Rebar vs Wingman debate, let’s have a detailed look at both products.

Leatherman Rebar vs Wingman- Pricing

Pricing is the first factor that is going to impact the buying decision of the users. In terms of pricing, a more expensive tool definitely offers more functions and additional perks, but sometimes you just don’t want to spend $100+ on a multi-tool.

Well, Leatherman Rebar is an expensive option as compared to Wingman as it costs $100+ with shipping. Meanwhile, Leatherman Wingman is available for less than $100, including shipping charges.

Leatherman Rebar vs Wingman- Tools

Although Wingman has almost all the tools that you are ever going to need in your daily adventure, yet Leatherman Rebar is the clear winner in terms of tools. Wingman has a total of 14 different tools that can be used as the standard multi-tool product.

On the other hand, Leatherman Rebar has up to 17 different tools, and these tools have countless applications in your practical life.

Leatherman Rebar vs Wingman- Design

At the very first glance, you will notice that Wingman is not the well-groomed full-size multi-tool like Wave+ or Leatherman Rebar. The designs of both products are compact, but a better job could be done with the polishing and finishing of the Leatherman Rebar Wingman.

Leatherman Rebar is a perfect multi-tool that looks great even with more tools and added functionalities.

Leatherman Rebar vs Wingman- Pros and Cons

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each product so that you can pick one with clear expectations in your mind:

Pros of Leatherman Rebar

  • Lightweight tools
  • Rugged for extreme conditions
  • Wire cutters are replaceable.
  • Usage is straightforward
  • Tools can be locked during use
  • Price is good

Cons of Leatherman Rebar

  • There are no scissors included
  • All the tools are inside the chassis

Pros of Leatherman Wingman

  • Design is compact
  • All tools have practical applications
  • The great value of money
  • Available for less than $100

Cons of Leatherman Wingman

  • Size is comparatively heavy
  • The ruler is too small
  • Scissors may be faulty

Leatherman Rebar vs Wingman- Final Verdict

This article is more like a review of Leatherman Rebar vs Wingman. When it comes to the comparison of these two products, Leatherman Rebar seems like taking the lead in terms of tools and functionality, while Leatherman Wingman is the winner in terms of pricing. So, which tool is the real winner of this race? If you are given a choice between these two tools, which one should be your top pick?

As you have all the information, you can choose any tools that better fits your requirements. If you ask for expert opinion, Leatherman Rebar is the better choice with amazing tools.



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