Leatherman Rebar vs Wave

Welcome to our Leatherman Rebar vs Wave comparison. We’ll compare the two and let you decide which – if any – is the better pick. Leatherman has become a household name for multi tool devices. The ability to cram a number of separate tools into one device is something Leatherman has figured out.

Two of the best Leatherman multi tool devices are the Leatherman Rebar and the Leatherman Wave.

The Leatherman Wave

The Leatherman WaveIf you’ve never used a multi tool, or you’re still uncertain about what you want in a multi tool, the Leatherman Wave works just fine for you.

Its high quality, durability, wide range of tools, and price makes it very appealing.

The Leatherman wave has the following tools:

° A File

The file has two sides – one side of fine, and the other of coarse grain. The edge of the file is coarse so it is able to cut through metal amongst other things. The file is not detachable and can rust (it is made of hardened tool steel).

° Pliers

The Leatherman Wave contains a pair of pliers. The pliers are not spring loaded, and contain thick and thin gauge wire cutters.

° Scissors

Unlike the pliers the scissors are spring loaded so they can be used with one hand. They work just fine for light stuff like paper and fishing line. The scissors is not the best tool on the Wave.

° Small and Large Screwdriver

The small screwdriver is an excellent tool for small screws in small devices, it has a reach that means it can get to inset screws. The large screwdriver cannot reach inset screws, it is however great for removing the screws in everyday appliances.

° Serrated Blade

The serrated blade locks open. It is excellent for cutting food that has a skin. Main features are a single sided bevel, and a somewhat rough outer edge.

° Straight Blade

Like the serrated blade, the straight blade locks open, unlike the serrated blade, it has a double sided bevel.


Other tools include: a wood saw for cutting wood; a pry bar; a can opener; a ruler. An excellent collection of everyday tools all within your reach in one device.

The Wave does have a few kinks, almost all the tools require two hands to open. It’s a bit hard to just carry about in your pocket. And it does lack a couple of tools like tweezers and an awl. Notwithstanding the Wave is a great multi tool.

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The Leatherman Rebar

The Leatherman RebarThe Leatherman Rebar has the following tools:

° Pliers

Has both regular pliers and needlenose pliers.

° Replaceable Wire Cutters

The Rebar has no scissors but these work just as well. They can be changed when they’re dull.

° File

Only suitable for wood and metal filing because of the coarse grit. Very useful tool.

° Wood Saw

Gets blunt and cannot be sharpened without special tools are its only quirks. Otherwise the saw does well.

° Leather punch/Awl

Lacking in the Wave but present here, it works just as it is supposed to.

° Ruler

The full length of the ruler is 20.32 cm. The pliers need to be locked to use the ruler’s full length.

The Rebar also contains: an electronic crimper; bottle opener; philips and flathead screwdrivers; and a straight and serrated blade.

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We hope you enjoyed our Leatherman Rebar vs Wave comparison, and that it helped you get a bit closer to making a decision about which one to choose. If you have any questions to our Leatherman Rebar vs Wave comparison, feel free to contact us.

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