Leatherman Rebar vs Super Tool 300

Leatherman Rebar and Super Tool 300 are from the same family of full-size multi-tools. You can consider Super Tool 300 as the elder brother of Leatherman Rebar that has increased mass in every direction. So, if both tools are great and have almost the same functionalities, what are the differences between Leatherman Rebar and Super Tool 300?

The overall design is almost identical for both products, but the numbers of tools vary as Leatherman Rebar has 17 tools, and Super Tool 300 has 19 functional tools.

Leatherman Rebar vs Super Tool 300- Overview

Apart from the slight difference between size and additional tools, everything else is almost the same for both full-size multi-tool products. In terms of size Super Tool is almost half an inch longer than the competitor, Leatherman Rebar. There is a slight difference in weight too. Leatherman Rebar weighs 6.7 OZ while Super Tool 300 weighs 9.6 OZ.

The only thing that differentiates Leatherman Rebar vs Super Tool 300 is your requirement of size. If you want more compact design, you can go for Leatherman Rebar, and for the beefier looks; Super Tool 300 is a better product with additional functionality.

Different Tools in both Multi-Tool Products

Leatherman has put 30 years of experience in the designing of Super Tool 300 as the team has professionally packed 19 tools in a compact design. If we compare the Leatherman Rebar tools, you will find 17 tools packed in a smaller size chassis as compared to Leatherman Super Tool 300.

Both products don’t feature removable tools, but still, all the tools are auto-locked when in use to avoid any injury due to accidental closure. If you want additional tools in a bigger design, then Super Tool 300 is the best tool for you.

Which tool has the better design?

If we consider the designs of Leatherman Rebar vs Super Tool 300, both have rugged designs and made for harsh use cases. You can use both tools in almost every situation as the build quality is pretty amazing in both tools.

Super Tool has some additional design details like there is a significant cutout on the handles. While working in the dark or using Super Tool 300 with gloves, you will find it easier to use this tool. For Leatherman Rebar vs Super Tool 300, Rebar has a compact design while Super Tool 300 has the bulkier design.

Value of Money

There is no big difference in the prices of both tools. It is hard to prioritize any tool on the basis of pricing. Your requirements matter the most, so if you think that you can get the job done with the smaller and basic version of the multi tool, then go for Leatherman Rebar. If you want a bigger size with some additional tools, then Super Tool 300 will not disappoint you.


The selection of Leatherman Rebar vs Super Tool 300 highly depends upon the intensity of your tasks. If you need a multi tool for heavy-duty use, Super Tool 300 is worth buying. Otherwise, Leatherman Rebar can do almost all typical tasks that you expect from a full-size multi-tool.

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