With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting people from across the globe, it is becoming increasingly necessary amongst governments enforcing policies that masks should be worn in areas with many people, such as supermarkets and train stations. However, there continues to be many debates about whether wearing a face mask is actually beneficial.

In the recent months, many small business and clothing brands have developed masks on a more fashionable scale, with different colours and patterns to suit your personal sense of style. While the medical-grade face mask is said to be the only kind that actually protects people against the virus, and thus is encouraged, here are some ways that wearing a mask (in general) can protect you and those close to you.

To prevent the spread of the virus to others

Since the spread of Coronavirus is still heavily questioned, we are encouraged to wear a mask to prevent body fluids that are released by coughing or talking from spreading to others. The virus works in a way where some people who have it may not necessarily show any symptoms, and wearing a mask can reduce the probability of the virus spreading. Even if you are a young, healthy adult, this is a safety measure that should be taken if you are out in public a lot- you may not even be aware that you have the virus but someone could easily catch it from you unknowingly.

To prevent yourself from touching parts of your face

From fixing our hair, to getting rid of an itch in our eye, it comes so natural for us to touch our face through different times of the day, and suddenly we are being told that we should not do this? It is definitely a difficult task, but each time we do this we are actually transmitting bacteria from our hands onto our face, which is a quick way to bring about disease. By wearing a face mask, even if you accidentally touch your face, you are protected and therefore less likely to contract a disease.

To set an example for those around you

Maybe you are somebody who works at an elderly home or have members in your family that are elderly. Think of how guilty you would feel if you unknowingly gave them this virus. The risk of contracting Coronavirus is quite large for someone who is in their 60’s-70s, and you should be doing your part to protect people of this age group. If you set an example by wearing a mask in public places, and those around you are aware of why you do so, they will start to contemplate this and maybe even do it too. In the long-term, this could save many lives!

With this information, we hope that you gained some useful information. Happy Masking!

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