How To Use Dermabond

How to use Dermabond

Dermabond (2-octyl-cyanoacrylate) is a very powerful adhesive that is supposed to present an alternative to bandages and stitches. It is an FDA approved surgical glue for use on the human body – one of few of such products.

It has become widely preferred and it is right now most surgeon’s choice for post operation closure of incisions. It is a non-reusable, sterile, glue that is designed to fall off over time.

Dermabond has all the features of stitches once it is applied, it is supposed to be equivalent to 5-0 stitches. It is also nontoxic, this is very important as it is applied directly to the skin. Once applied it generates minimal heat as it cures on the skin. Once applied it hardens in a matter of mere seconds (approximately 30 seconds). Dermabond also has the added benefit of remaining flexible even after it has hardened.

Dermabond is sold in a 0.7 mL single use pack. It has a glass seal around it which has to be broken prior to its use. Also, all the glue must be used up because once the seal is broken any leftover glue hardens, thereby becoming unusable.

To use Dermabond, make sure the applicator is pointing downwards. Once this is done squeeze the bulb of the applicator twice, the first squeeze is to break the internal glass container, the second squeeze is to get the internal filter moistened.

Make sure that the cut is clean and sterile, then stop the building using a sterile gauze. Once this is done, carefully apply the glue along the cut and make sure that you apply enough so the bleeding stops. Once the bleeding has stopped apply the Dermabond across the length of the cut until it is completely covered in glue.

The end result might look a bit messy, the glue and blood might form a clump somewhere. However, as long as the bleeding has stopped, all is okay, it will definitely heal eventually.

Dermabond will slough off your skin by itself over the course of 5-7 days. However, it is important that you keep the affected area away from water. While it is water resistant, it will slough off faster if it comes in contact with water.

Despite the fact that Dermabond sloughs off by itself over time you can remove it earlier if you need to. As a matter of fact, simply picking at Dermabond will cause it to come off with time.

As a general rule, petroleum based products can dissolve Dermabond in a matter of mere minutes. So, Vaseline, triple antibiotic ointment, are all good products to apply if you want Dermabond to come off. Acetone can also be used.

If the Dermabond does not come off after the application of a petroleum based product, try soaking the area in warm water. Should the adhesive still refuse to come off avoid taking any other measure and immediately contact a  doctor.

Generally, it is best to let the Dermabond slough off on its own, make sure to consult a doctor if you feel like removing it before it comes off.

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We hope you found our guide fulfilling and taught you how to use derma bond properly.

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