Have you ever looked for heavy-duty multi-tool in a compact size? Well, you will be amazed to see that you are not left with a lot of choices in this category. Leatherman Rebar seems to be the only product where you don’t have to make any compromise. Leatherman Rebar is a compact yet full-sized multipurpose tool with limitless capabilities and applications if you have decided to dig more about this amazing product, then you must know how to use a Leatherman Rebar.

Brief Description of Leatherman Rebar

Since 1983, Leatherman is known for the manufacturing of quality tools, and they have featured the groundbreaking design in Leatherman Rebar. This tool is a true picture of quality and usability that has been packed in a small-sized tool. Leatherman Rebar is one of the best-selling full-size multi-tools.

Leatherman Rebar has everything that PST was famous for, and the manufacturers added a whole new layer of tools.  This unique tool weighs 6.7 oz. And it comes with a height of four inches when closed.

How to use a Leatherman Rebar?

The use of Leatherman Rebar is up to your needs as there are almost 17 different tools embedded in the handles of the product. You may not find the option for removal of the tools, but overall, Leatherman Rebar is easy to use, and the tools are well-built for extreme situations.

You will find all the tools fixed on the internal side of the Rebar. Leatherman did an amazing job by introducing a locking feature for all tools so that you are safe from accidental folding during use.

Application of Different Tools in Leatherman Rebar

All of the 17 tools in Leatherman Rebar have practical applications, and you can do almost anything with this product that you can expect from a full-size multi-tool. Here are some major components of the Leatherman Rebar that you may find interesting:

  • Crimpers, Pliers and Wire Cutters
  • Knife blades
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw
  • Bottle opener and can opener
  • Wire stripper
  • File awl and ruler
  • Many more components

With regular needle-nose and standard pliers, Leatherman Rebar offers a firm and strong grip with an aggressive pattern of the bite. While using this tool, you will realize that it is worth your investment as there is not even a slight gap between pliers. The same goes for other tools of Leatherman Rebar like a bottle opener and wire stripper. Every component is designed with perfection.

Who can use Leatherman Rebar?

Leatherman Rebar is designed for general purpose use, so almost everyone will be attracted to this unique tool. All every component of Leatherman Rebar has countless applications in day to day life. Whether you are going out for an adventure or want to spend some time in the garage fixing your vehicle, Leatherman Rebar will not let you down.


If you compare the price of Leatherman Rebar with the flexibility of use, this tool is worth buying. All the tools are easy to use, and no technical practice is required to use Leatherman Rebar. You won’t get removable blades or removable bits, but as a whole, Leatherman Rebar is an extraordinary multi-tool that you are going to love.

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