Going on a vacation with someone elderly and they get tired easily? There is a solution to every problem and the solution to this is by renting a motorized wheelchair.

If you’re not willing to buy a motorized wheelchair or just need it for a limited period of time then renting one is a safe bet. Buying a motorized wheelchair can cost you from $500 to $6000. Thus utilizing the services of a wheelchair rental is a more economical option which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

How To Rent A Motorized Wheelchair?

There are several wheelchair rental services all over the world which provide different kinds of motorized wheelchairs. In the United States the best options are Scootaround and Scooter World. The United Kingdom has a different way of renting motorized wheelchairs as they offer these services weekly and the companies which provide motorized wheelchairs are RentaScoota and Direct Mobility.

There are also senior-friendly destinations which have locally-owned motorized wheelchair rental services from economical ones to expensive ones depending on your requirements.  Such as in Orlando, Florida; ScootOrlando / Scooter Vacations and Walker Mobility are a few options. Disney World also provides motorized wheelchairs at an economical cost although they are known to run out of them from time to time. Washington DC also has motorized wheelchair rental services which provide them at economical costs such as Honolulu.

Step By Step Guide Of Renting A Motorized Wheelchair

Renting a wheelchair comes with a few steps which need to be followed to ensure that you receive and deliver the wheelchair of your choice.

  1. CONTACT THE RENTAL SERVICE: First step is to contact the motorized wheelchair rental services either through the number provided or by going onto their website.
  2. PROVIDE THEM WITH THE DETAILS OF YOUR RENTAL: Tell the rental service about the type of motorized wheelchair you want. If you’re unsure about the type of motorized wheelchair you want, then firstly check out their catalogue on their website or ask the customer service to help you out. Ask the rental service whether they deliver or if you have to pick up the wheelchair yourself. Also, make sure you know the height and weight of the person needing the motorized wheelchair before renting one.
  3. BOOK THE MOTORIZED WHEELCHAIR RENTAL: Confirm your booking by either paying physically or through your Debit or Credit Card if the firm accepts them.
  4. USE THE MOTORIZED WHEELCHAIR: Pick up the motorized wheelchair from the prearranged place and then enjoy it. If the rental service is delivering it to you then make sure that someone responsible is present at that time to receive it. Bring in an extension cord with you and charge it overnight to make sure that you can use it next day, or even charge the motorized wheelchair before returning as a courtesy.
  5. RETURN IT: If you rented your motorized vehicle from the hotel, then the best option is to leave it by the bell desk. For cruises, leave the motorized vehicle from where you picked it up. If the rental service is picking it up from your home, then ensure someone responsible delivers it to them safely and on time.

Make sure you follow all the steps mentioned above to create a good customer image and to make it easier for you to rent out a motorized vehicle next time as well.


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