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Life at home gets easier when an electric wheelchair is available to move a disabled member of the household from one area of the house to another. Purchasing a lightweight wheelchair provides such individual with the support and freedom to engage in different activities taking place around the home. Having a lightweight electric wheelchair eliminates the wait for others to come to move them around. The freedom of these persons can prove to be life-changing.

The electric wheelchair features the right controls to aid movement, it is portable, can be easily moved around, lifted by only one person, fit well into a car and move for miles when properly charged. Still, this equipment can prove to be costly and finding out the right one that matches your budget can prove to be tasking. Here we have compiled the best lightweight electric wheelchairs to guide you on making the best decision for you. You can rest assured that the products found on the list will provide comfort, speed and manoeuvrability.

Sentire Med Forza D09 Delux Wheelchair1. Sentire Med: FCX

The Sentire Med is a heavy-duty lightweight wheelchair electrically powered to produce efficient results. This brand deals in the sales of only this product, which has proven to be the best currently available in the market at present. Even though there is much room for improvement, no other lightweight electric wheelchair surpasses its features in the market. The FCX has an elegant design as it is built from quality materials, and its market price is competitive with the prices of other wheelchairs. The FCX is the redesign of Amazon’s best-selling foldable motorized wheelchair- the Forza D09.  The FCX has even more powerful motors, operates at a higher speed and armed with longer-lasting batteries. Their chairs are slightly wider in response to customer requests and it is equipped with convenient accessories such as arm bag, cup holder, under-seat basket and rear carrying pouch.


Maximum Weight: 162 kg (352 lbs)

Gross Weight including 2 Batteries: 31.5 kg (67 lbs)

Net Weight excluding Accessories and Batteries: 27 kg (60 lbs)

Seating Dimensions: 19” x 17.5” (49 cm x 44 cm)

Speed: standard speed of 4 mph; maximum speed of 6 mph

Unfolded Size (L*W*H): 102 x 62 x 90 cm (40 inches x 24.5 inches x 35.5 inches)

Charging Time: 5 hours per battery i.e. 10hrs (2 batteries)

Battery: Lithium 24V/10AH x 2

Driving Range: 1 battery takes 16km i.e. 10mi; 2 batteries take 32km i.e. 20mi; 3 batteries: 48km takes i.e. 30mi

2 Brushless Motors: 250W/motor with electromagnetic brakes

The package contains

  • A travel bag
  • Travel bag that encapsulates the electric wheelchair on folding.
  • Electronic controller
  • Warranty information & user manual.
  • Tool kit (x2)
  • FCX electric wheelchair
  • 2 Lithium-ion batteries
  • Charging adapter
  • Arm bag
  • Under-seat basket
  • Cupholder
  • Warranty

The FCX offers a lot of utility for its pricing when its quality and weight is considered. Even though this American brand is new to the wheelchair sector, it has received so many positive reviews to be at the helm.

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Forcemech Voyager R22. Forcemech Voyager R2

When it comes to lightweight electric wheelchairs, no other wheelchair in the market currently beats the Forcemech Voyager R2 for its lightness in weight. Available at 43lbs, this electric wheelchair company apparently invested a lot of time in constructing this device. Even more, it competes with other products in terms of pricing. The Voyager R2 is not as large as the Forza D09, it has less power as well as lower weight capacity. Its portability is its biggest selling point, enabling its transportation to different locations with ease.

The Voyager R2 is equipped with alloy wheels to ensure durability. Its shock-absorbing springs allow for a smooth ride, its folding kickstand improves stability and it has rear reflectors to ensure safety.


  • Weight: 43 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 265 pounds
  • Range: 16 miles when fully charged
  • Battery charge time: 6 hours for a full charge
  • Dimensions (folded): 26 x 13 x 30 (inches)
  • Dimensions: 35 x 23 x 35 (inches)
  • Height/Seat size: 17 x 17, 20 (inches)

If portability and the weight of the wheelchair top your priority list, then the Forcemech Voyager R2 is the right choice for you as it is built for easy transportation and comfort.

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LiteRider Envy by Golden Technologies3. LiteRider Envy by Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies is responsible for the LiteRider Envy, an easily managed compact travel chair. Its heaviest piece weighs only about 27 pounds. It can be adjusted in more ways than an average folding wheelchair can, in spite of not being designed with such sleek fold & roll feature as with the Forza D09.


Weight: 123 lbs (55.8 kg) battery included

Max Speed: 3.5 miles/hr (5.6 km/hr)

Max Distance: 15.5 mi (25 km)

Maximum Capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Off-Board Charger

Charging Time: 8 hours

Battery Type: Lead Acid battery



  • It is the cheapest lightweight electric wheelchair currently found in the market
  • It can be easily broken down into four manageable parts to ease transportation
  • It can be adjusted at ease, at two different heights. The adjustments can take place at the armrest’s width.
  • It has a universal hitch at the rear for other accessories such as a basket.
  • It is aeroplane ready as its battery, made from lead-acid can be transported via air flights or boat.



  • It lags behind some other products in the market as it has only a max grade of 6 degrees.
  • It has no suspensions. Off the road bumps and doorstops can be felt.


The LiteRider electric wheelchair makes use of a recently dated design and technology i.e. the folding system and the use of lead-acid batteries. Nevertheless, Golden Technologies added some perks to this equipment. This includes the universal accessory unique to folding style wheelchairs and an adjustable armrest.

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Pride Mobility: Jazzy Passport4. Pride Mobility: Jazzy Passport

This makes this list as it brings something unique to the table. This electric lightweight wheelchair prides at the value it adds for its price. Pride Mobility’s Jazzy Passport is an affordable and comfortable electric wheelchair with a lot of amazing specs coming at a great quality. Apart from being a piece of affordable equipment, much effort was invested in its design to make it comfortable in the best possible ways. The jazzy passport weighs 60 lbs, which is 25 per cent above the weight of the lightest wheelchair. It has other built-in features to ensure it is very comfortable to use. These include a cup holder as well as a rotating joystick, which are both outstanding features of electric wheelchairs.


  • Weight: 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
  • Maximum Speed: 3.5 miles/hr (5.6 km/hr)
  • Maximum Distance: 15.5 km (9.6 mi)
  • Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs (113.4 kg)
  • Motor Power: 2 x 180W


The Jazzy Passport by Pride Mobility is very affordable, comfortable and well-rounded for an electric chair for this size and weight. It does not have the option to upgrade its battery and its travelling distance cannot be compared to some other types of lightweight electric wheelchairs in the industry.

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Foldawheel PW-1000XL5. Foldawheel PW-1000XL

Wheelchair88’s PW-1000XL is the rugged solution to the PW-999UL, which gives increased power, comfort and range without compromising on its portability. It is effective for outdoor use and travelling long distances.


  • Weight: 57 lbs (26 kg)
  • Max Speed: 5 mph (8 kph)
  • Max Capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Turning Radius: 31.5” (80cm)
  • Seat Dimensions: 19 x 18” (48.25 x 45.5 cm)
  • Folded Size: 14.2 x 26.4 x 23.6” (36 x 67 x 60 cm)
  • Maximum Distance: 1 battery: 8 mi (13 km), 2 batteries: 16 mi (26 km), 3 batteries: 24 mi (45km)
  • Charging Time: 4 hours/ battery
  • Motor Power: 2 units x 250W
  • Slope Capability (including anti-tilt support): 13˚



  • It is compact and lightweight
  • The PW-1000XL can easily fit in a car trunk and check on a flight.
  • Foldable – this lightweight electric wheelchair can easily fold taking a compact form.
  • It is more powerful at 2 x 250 W when compared to its 999UL counterpart at 2 x 150 W
  • Its batteries are upgradeable – Even though it comes with just a lithium battery, it can make use of 3 batteries in extending its maximum range.
  • Suspension – the Foldawheel PW 1000XL is a very comfortable choice for a bumpy terrain as it is built with a 4-spring suspension.


In spite of the amazing features of the lightweight electric wheelchair, you might find the absence of the universal accessory kits such as an oxygen tank holder or a rear basket as puzzling. Also, the size of this wheelchair does not make seating comfortable for persons taller than 6.2 feet.

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KD Smart Chair6. KD Smart Chair

KD Smart chair is one of the earliest brands of the lightweight electric chair to make the rounds. Joining the lightweight electric wheelchair scene in 2012, the Smart chair has amassed celebrity status by several endorsements, including YouTube channels, blogpost reviews, and CBS. Such exposure to the public eyes implies that this company is well respected and known to be able to navigate through the highly competitive marketplace. In spite of its competition, it remains one of the lightweight electric wheelchairs with the highest ratings found in the market. Its overall specification is great for its competitive pricing.

Once upon a time, it used to be lightest electric wheelchair in the market, but this is no longer the case as the Forcemech Voyager R2 has overthrown it as the lightest wheelchair in the best lightweight electric wheelchair list. Nevertheless, the difference in weight between it and its competitors is virtually negligible as the KD Smart chair weighs 22.6 kg (50 lbs) in total, including the electronics and batteries.

Considering other power wheelchairs, its weight is great as the lightest you will find on the market is 45 lbs. On the opposite side of the weight spectrum is Drive Cirrus Plus weighing 146 lbs. On the average, most lightweight electric wheelchair falls within 50 & 65 lbs weight.

The KD smart chair has a maximum capacity of 265 lbs, it would attain the top position as a weight lifter, but it does well for its grade. It tops the weakest at 220 lbs, yet other folding chairs are armed with the capacity to hold about 400lbs. Are you looking for something more than this? Then you will be better served by looking in the section of non-folding wheelchairs. The KD Smart chair features poorly in terms of capacity, but if the wheelchair capacity tops your list, then the Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair will do.

Distance is something we all crave, and it influences our choice of the lightweight wheelchair we want to purchase. This does not change the reality that distance requires a battery, which in turns increases the weight of the wheelchair. It is normal to observe that some wheelchairs need additional batteries for distance, but the KD Smart Chair does not. In fact, the problem of battery weight is experienced by mostly lead-acid batteries found in older chair models. The KD Smart Chair competes fairly with others at a 15 miles range even after purchasing the range-extending battery of this brand. The maximum distance offered by lightweight electric wheelchairs lies within 8 to 20 miles.


  • Weight: 45 lbs (20.5kg)
  • Max Speed: 3.75 miles/hr (6 km/hr)
  • Maximum Capacity: 265 lbs (120kg)
  • Max Distance: 24.1 km (15 mi)
  • Slope Capability: 12˚


The KD Smart chair requires time for dismantling when compared to some newer lightweight electric wheelchair models. Newer designs employ the use of the fold and clip mechanism to make things faster at approximately 2 seconds. KD makes use of some extra few steps in the process but it remains a very simple device to handle. The joystick of this device can be fitted on the armrest or at the back of the chair if a caretaker will use the device. It does not encourage leaning as the pivot point can be found half-way on the backside. It has no suspension, but it handles bumps, uneven ground and grass well.


Now that the best lightweight electric wheelchairs have been narrowed down for you, you can easily make your choice and get one that will serve you well with the specifications that matter to you most.

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Now that the best lightweight electric wheelchairs have been narrowed down for you, you can easily make your choice and get one that will serve you well with the specifications that matter to you most.

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