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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, people are doing all they can to stay informed and protect themselves and their loved ones. At we know that your health is important to you and keeping up to date on health concerns like the spread of coronavirus is at the top of your list. To help you prepare effectively and minimize any stress (which is also harmful to health!) as much as possible, weve collected the most up to date information regarding the coronavirus — the what, the when, and the how. In this article, youll find the latest information as of the date of publishing in regards to what coronavirus is exactly and what symptoms to watch out for. Well also explain the current timeline regarding the spread of coronavirus and when the latest changes in policy and treatment have occurred. Most importantly, well give you an in-depth explanation as to how you can best avoid becoming infected by the coronavirus as well as how this virus can spread. 

Find the best mask for corona virus - we take a look at the virus and what mask to choose

As you read on, well cover the tools you can use to best protect yourself during this time — a coronavirus mask. We know that with so much information to take in, so many preparations to make, as well as your regular day to day tasks that must still be attended to, it can be difficult to feel like youre making an informed decision on which coronavirus mask is the most effective in protecting you and your family from infection. Certainly, this is not a decision to make lightly and thats why weve gathered as much information as possible about the best coronavirus masks currently available so you can make the most informed decision possible without spending hours digging through reviews and research all across the internet. Here weve provided all the pertinent information as well as in-depth reviews on the best coronavirus masks currently available.

Why a Mask?

There has been confusion around whether masks are effective in protecting the wearer against becoming infected with the coronavirus, yet people continue purchasing masks at record rates. Even masks for dogs have become incredibly popular in China, as people extend their health concerns not only to their human family but to their animal family members as well. 

Some of the confusion surrounding the usage of masks in combating the spread of the coronavirus is in regards to which type of mask is most effective. Certainly not every mask you find online is a coronavirus mask — only a particular design of mask can efficiently defend against the coronavirus. The design found to best protect against the spread of the coronavirus has been the N95 mask.

Different Types of Masks

As you search for a coronavirus mask that will most effectively protect you or your loved ones, it can be overwhelming to discover the nearly endless options for masks. However, one important way to filter your mask choices is through selecting the right type of masks for preventing the transmission of coronavirus, of which only a few exist. 

The masks you may encounter as you search will have different names, one of which will be surgical mask.” While the name of this mask might be tempting you to assume it will provide you with the level of sanitization that a surgical room requires, a surgical mask is almost entirely ineffective in preventing the transmission of the coronavirus.

The N95 Mask – Best 

What makes N95 respiratory the only mask design that can effectively help slow the transmission of the coronavirus is the extra layers of filtration it provides. The N95 gets its name due to its ability to filter out at minimum 95% of small airborne particles. This mask utilizes a design that allows for an extra close fit that makes it the most protective against filtration device against airborne particles. Of course, its important to know that this mask is not infallible and cannot be guaranteed to prevent all illnesses. 

The N95 mask is certainly an excellent device for filtering out unwanted airborne particles, however, that heavy-duty filtration comes at a price. Even doctors have stated that they cannot tolerate wearing the mask for more than 30 minutes straight before taking it off to get some deep breaths of air. As such, the N95 mask can be risky for those with pre-existing conditions that affect respiration, such as chronic cardiac or respiratory medical conditions. If you suffer from any such difficulty, you may want to confirm with your healthcare provider that donning a coronavirus mask wont exacerbate any previous medical conditions. However, some models of the N95 mask have been designed to include respiration valves that help to relieve some of the stress on breathing and even reduce the feeling of humidity and heat that builds up with a standard N95 mask. However, masks with valves arent fit for use in any situation where total sterility is required. 

Regardless of which design for your N95 mask you choose, its important to keep an eye on its condition throughout use. If the mask becomes damaged or you notice breathing becomes too difficult, be sure to remove the mask and discard it for a replacement mask. Always clean your hands well with soapy water after handling the mask, as its the filter between you and the airborne particles you seek to avoid, thus handling the mask can spread infection if hand washing is neglected. Its also important to note that N95 masks are generally not designed for children or people with facial hair, as part of what makes the mask effective is the airtight design. Without a proper fit, an N95 mask may be less effective than usual. 

The CDCs Stance

At this time, the CDC is not recommending the usage of face masks for protection against the coronavirus. However, reviews about the best methods for containing the virus are mixed. While a mask may not prevent you from contracting the illness, as it can be contracted in other ways besides air particles and an improperly fitted mask isnt effective, wearing a mask is a helpful way to reduce your own likelihood of transmitting the illness to other people and your family if you are carrying it without yet realizing. 

Besides finding the proper coronavirus mask, another effective method for preventing transmission of the coronavirus and safeguarding your health, in general, is to be highly vigilant about touching your face and washing your hands as often as possible. 

Coronavirus Masks

PowerTop Adult Kids N95 Particulate Respirator Face Mask 

At the time of this writing, the PowerTop N95 is a great choice for protecting oneself against airborne particles and reducing the transmission of coronavirus due to its affordable price — $15.39. Additionally, those who are concerned about their childrens safety can benefit from the child-sizing. Offering a child-fitting mask makes this product an excellent choice, as we noted above, the N95 mask is drastically less effective without a secure fit, which a standard mask cannot provide for children. 

The PowerTop Mask is well designed to reduce the need to readjust it, making it effective in reducing the need to touch your face and possibly spread infection. This mask is made with high-quality materials that allow for repeated usage — it can even be washed. The latest model of this mask also features a breathing valve, making it a much more comfortable option for long term wearing, as it reduces discomfort due to humidity and heat.

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N95 facemask against corona virus - kids and adult size
N95 respirator facemask for corona virus

N95 Face Mask With Respirator Headband

This coronavirus mask is an excellent choice for those seeking a price effective but high-quality option; the mask is currently priced at $11.99. The makers of this mask emphasize its quality design that helps to provide a custom fit to both men and women. Another benefit that this mask offers is the lightweight material its constructed from, making long wearing times much more bearable. The mask features a flexible valve that makes breathing easier and reduces the heat build-up that can make wearing a mask for long stretches of time uncomfortable. 

What sets this mask apart is the powerful carbon filters that help to keep away viruses, bacteria, chemicals, pollen, dust, and smoke from causing harm. Another important aspect of what makes this coronavirus mask a useful choice is the adjustable nose clip that ensures a tight fit. This mask can be purchased in a package of 1, 5, or 20 pieces and is a disposable mask for those seeking to find an option that requires no maintenance or washing.

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Activated Carbon Dustproof Mask with Extra Carbon N99 Filters

This mask is another cost-effective option, selling for $41.99. The mask features an extra comfortable design that allows for longterm wear without discomfort and features a breathing valve that reduces discomfort arises from heat or shortness of breath due to longterm wear. This mask is washable and can be reused as needed. One great aspect ab

out this mask as sold on Amazon is the extra carbon filters that are included — 8 activated carbon N99 filters are part of this package. This mask is a great option for those seeking something they can reuse that is quality without breaking the bank. For extra peace of mind, this item has several highly positive reviews on Amazon.

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Black facemask N99 filter for corona virus
Reuseable black mask n99 for corona virus

Reusable Dust Mask with Extra Activated Carbon N99

 This mask is notable for meeting the N95 standard as well as the N99 standard, meaning it filters 99.9% of all small particulates out of the air. The design featured in this mask is lightweight, making it comfortable for long term wear or performing activities while wearing it. This mask features a one-way discharge valve that helps keep it comfortable for long term wear by reducing humidity and heat build-up. Another important design feature this mask offers is the loop strap that helps to keep it perfectly secure and well-fitted. 

The activated carbon replacement filters used by this mask can last at a minimum for 20-30 hours in heavy dust conditions. This package includes 6 of the N99 replaceable activated carbon filters.

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3M 8210V Particulate Respirator, N95, Cool Flow Valve, 10/Box

This is a high-quality N95 mask that is proved to be effective at filtering out at least 95% of airborne particles. While this mask is more on the expensive side, coming in at $62.95, the purchase includes a set of 10 masks, making it a great deal for those trying to purchase masks for themselves as well as family and friends. 

This mask features a 3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve to reduce any heat build-up within the mask that could lead to discomfort. For even more comfort, the adjustable M-nose clip is a great choice for those wearing glasses, as it will prevent any lens fogging due to escaping breath from the mask. This mask also features a braided headband two-strap design that helps keep the mask tightly fitted, making it as effective at filtration as possible. For those looking for a spacious fit that is still durable, this coronavirus mask is a great option.

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3M 8210V Particulate Respirator, N95, Cool Flow Valve, 10/Box
Degbit Unisex N99 Mask with Activated Carbon

Degbit Unisex N99 Mask with Activated Carbon 

                      This is a great mask for those seeking a low-cost option that is still proven to be effective. The Degbit Unisex N99 Mask is currently selling for $19.99 and comes in either a pack of 6 or one individual mask. The nylon mesh material the mask is constructed from makes it an optimal choice for those who intend to wear the mask for long stretches of time and need comfort to be maintained. The mask also features a breathing valve that helps to reduce the amount of heat and humidity that builds up behind the mask. This coupled with its lightweight design makes it the perfect option for those seeking a comfortable mask with longterm wear in mind. 

                      This mask features a 5-layer activated carbon filter to help trap bacteria and viruses such as the flu and presumably coronavirus. The company states that this mask filters out 99.9% of viruses, hence the N99 designation. The 5-layer activated carbon filter is made up of a medical grade non-woven cloth, an activated charcoal layer, 2 electro static layers, and another final medical grade non-woven cloth. This cotton mask is a comfortable and effective choice. Another great aspect of this mask is how highly rated it is on Amazon; the last reviewer mentions how pleased they are with this purchase meant to help protect their familiar from viruses.

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ProWorks N95 Particulate Respirator with Metal Nosepiece 20/Box

                      The ProWorks N95 Particulate Respirator matches the filtration levels set for the standard N95 mask, meaning that it filters at least 95% of airborne particles out. This mask offers protection against dust, viruses, smoke, and air pollution. The 4-layered design offers extra protection that translates into great peace of mind. The mask is great for those who are seeking to keep many masks on hand — the package comes with 20 masks.

                      The masks design features an adjustable nose clip, making it a great choice to ensure your mask has the proper fit in order to be effective against filtering out airborne particles. The masks lightweight and breathable full mesh nylon material make it highly comfortable. It also features an elastic fabric that completely fits the face — an important design aspect that helps to reduce the spread of transmission through the need to readjust the mask. Additionally, it features a unique elastic ear-hook design that can prevent it from slipping. The mask is a great choice if you are buying masks for several people in your family, as it can fit adults and children alike.

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N95 safety mask for corona virus
Cheap filter mask - Venus V4400 N95 Respirator Mask for corona virus

Venus V4400 N95 Respirator Mask 

If youre in need of an easy and low-cost option that comes with multiple masks, this model from Milwaukee is your best choice. This brand can be purchased from Amazon and can be ordered in varying numbers, from 5 masks to 10 or 20 masks. At the time, the 5-pack option can be purchased for $35.85. While this mask is affordable, it is certainly not skimping on quality; the Venus V4400 mask is hypoallergenic and has a high filtration capacity, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin and pre-existing respiratory issues. Another design benefit from this mask is the soft, adjustable straps and flexible nose bridge that all help to keep this mask snug and comfortably fitted. The Venus V4400 N95 Respirator Mask is a wonderful choice for those looking to stock up on masks while still keeping affordability in mind.

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Urban Air Mask 2.0 

If youre searching for the Rolls Royce of coronavirus masks, the Urban Air Mask 2.0 is the mask for you. Recently seen on health and wellness icon Gwyneth Paltrow, this mask is superior in both design and effectiveness. The mask has been tested in a laboratory with results showing 98% effectivity in filtering small airborne particles. The mask meets the standard of filtration for the N95, making it useful in protecting against dust, air pollutants, pollen, allergens, bacteria, and germs, as well as smoke.  

What makes this mask stand out is the 5-layer filtration technology that has been lab-tested for efficiency. The outside PP layer features a durable finish that makes this a long-lasting product, below this is the active carbon layer that filters gases, followed by the first electro-charged layer that filter pollen and allergens, beneath that, is the second electro layer that filters dust and bacteria, finishing with the inside PP layer that utilizes a smooth finish for easy, long term wear. The mask has an excellent, comfortable design and includes a breathing valve for increased comfort through reducing heat and humidity build-up. This mask currently sells for $69.

Coronavirus Information

While purchasing the proper supplies and protective gear is vital in protecting yourself and your loved ones from becoming infected with the coronavirus, education about the virus and how it works cannot be overlooked. Here weve gathered the most important and up to date information about the virus to help you protect your health.

What is the Coronavirus

Information about the coronavirus is still being uncovered, as scientists dont yet know everything there is to know about this rapidly spreading illness. The name coronavirus stems from the Latin word corona, which means crown,” because the illness resembles the suns corona — the aura of plasma that surrounds it. From what is currently known, the coronavirus is part of a group of related viruses that are able to cause a variety of illnesses. The most common illnesses seen can be as mild as a common cold or as dangerous and fatal as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). 

Both the coronavirus and SARS are zoonotic illnesses, meaning they can be transferred between species, from animals to humans. At the beginning of the outbreak, the individuals who first came down with the illness were those who spent time in markets in China that sold live animals.  

Coron virus symptoms and what the illness is exactly

While many comparisons to the flu have been drawn, its important to keep in mind that there are crucial differences between the flu we are familiar with and the coronavirus. Whereas there is a vaccine that can be used to lower the transmission and susceptibility of the flu, there is currently no vaccine for the coronavirus. Due to the virus being so new, no people currently have built any immunity to it, making it a health risk for each individual. Another crucial difference between the flu and the coronavirus is the severity of this illness. While the death rate for the flu affecting those ages 65 and above is roughly 0.83%, the death rate for the coronavirus affecting those ages 60-69 is 3.6%. The rate of death only shoots upwards as the patients age increasing — those afflicted with the coronavirus ages 80+ have a death rate of roughly 14.8% — a staggering number compared to the death rate of the flu, which remains unchanged for those 65 years old and above.

Symptoms of the Coronavirus

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus is to remain vigilant as to its symptoms. The coronavirus is highly contagious due to the long period in which a person afflicted with the virus can remain symptomless — up to 24 days. However, current data shows that most people infected with the virus will present symptoms within 5 to 6 days of contracting it. Once symptoms do begin to present themselves, they can often appear just as flu symptoms. Reports of those who have contracted the coronavirus show that common symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing, as well as fever. 

One major risk factor in contracting the coronavirus is the likelihood that it will cause pneumonia. Because this illness has been shown to affect the respiratory system, those with pre-existing respiratory conditions are highly at risk. In severe cases of the coronavirus, pneumonia and multiple organ failure can occur, as well as death. 

How to Stay Safe

Safety is at the top of everyones priorities as more information about the severity and easily spread nature of the coronavirus surfaces. During this time, doing everything in your power to stay safe and unaffected is paramount. Weve gathered the latest information to help you stay and keep your loved ones safe as well. 

Corona virus: Wash your hands frequently

First and foremost, the most effective weapon against the coronavirus is washing your hands and disinfecting commonly used surfaces as often as possible. There is variability depending on the surface and the temperature, but human coronaviruses can remain infectious from 2 hours to 9 days. As such, disinfecting commonly used surfaces and hand washing is the first and strongest line of defense against contracting the coronavirus. One effective way to eliminate the coronavirus from a surface is by cleaning with hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 0.5% and allowing the liquid to sit for 1 minute. Be proactive about keeping your commonly used surfaces, like phones, steering wheels, dinner tables, desks, and kitchen counters, all regularly sanitized. Another effective tool against the coronavirus is hand washing and using hand sanitizer. Implement a hand washing routine to make sure youre not forgetting this important and crucial defense against the coronavirus.  

There are many useful resources for keeping up to date with the virus and making sure the information you receive is accurate and high-quality. You can monitor the spread of the virus and stay up to date as news headlines come out regarding the coronavirus across the world by visiting Virus Watch.

Follow the COVID-19 (corona virus) as it progresses online and via app

If you’re looking for more information regarding details about the virus, whether that is in regards to your health, to the world situation as the virus spreads, or in regards to travel, school, and community changes, you’ll find useful and accurate information from the Center for Disease Control.

Here at, we know how important your health is to you. During this time, its best to limit your unnecessary public outings and be proactive about keeping your area and self clean as well as using tools like a coronavirus mask to stay safe. 

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