The lungs are an organ that is a part of our respiratory system. The purpose of the respiratory system is to oxygenate the body and remove carbon dioxide, and therefore our lung health is connected to the way we breathe. Unfortunately, this is a part of the body that most people overlook, and do not really take care of. We should not take our lungs for granted as it plays a really important role in maintaining the balance of our body.

Everyday, we are exposed to a number of different allergens and pollutants in our external environment that could greatly affect the quality of our lungs. For example, air pollution, dust particles and secondhand smoke are only some of the factors that can cause damage to our body. Smoking, a bad diet, and lack of exercise can also lead to deteriorating lung health.

So here are some tips to help you breathe easily that you can practice anywhere.

Improve your posture

Sitting with a straight spine can actually do wonders for your lungs. This is because it allows the body to take deeper inhalations and exhalations, therefore expanding the amount of oxygen coming into the body. Slouching leads to a contraction in the diaphragm, forcing the body to take fast and shallow breaths, which means less carbon dioxide is expelled from the lungs.

Daily exercise

Exercises aimed at the cardiovascular system are great for pumping more oxygen into the body. The best part is that it increases the amount of endorphins in your system, and also prevents fatigue in the long-run. This is amazing for both your mental state and your lungs, as they will be left feeling recharged, refreshed and buzzing with contentment.

Breathe more

Yes, it’s that simple. So often when we live a hectic lifestyle, we forget to take the time to breathe! An effective way to make sure you are breathing daily is to set a reminder on your phone – even a simple one such as “Take 3 deep breaths” will cause your body and mind to feel such a huge difference. If you are suffering from a respiratory condition or you are an athlete looking to improve lung health, you can also purchase a lung trainer.

Change your diet

Eating a high-fat diet daily can also cause difficulties in breathing. Therefore, switch up your diet by adding in more legumes, fruits and vegetables. Foods that are high in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits and green vegetables are especially helpful as they are high in antioxidants, and help to fight all the bad substances that enter the body.

Stop smoking

Yes smokers, unfortunately this one is true. The amount of carbon monoxide entering the body from cigarettes is extremely detrimental to health. Quitting completely may be difficult, and as an individual it is up to you to find your own way, but remember to be patient with yourself.

We hope that these suggestions are able to help you get healthier, happier lungs!

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