Using a motorized wheelchair can bring many benefits to a person that suffers from limited mobility, such as those who are disabled or elderly. It provides these groups with independence to continue living their life normally, without the inconvenience of burdening others when they are required to go somewhere.

There are many different kinds of wheelchairs that you are able to choose from that would suit your specific needs. Motorized wheelchairs can only be legally utilized by the disabled, and there are a few safety precautions that should be taken in consideration before operating this vehicle.

Here are some safety questions to consider when you are using a motorized wheelchair.


Is the wheelchair being operated by somebody with poor vision or is immobilized?


A person with poor vision should not operate a motorized wheelchair, as this can be extremely dangerous when navigating directions and can cause accidents. Someone who is immobilized in the body or paralyzed in areas other than the legs is also discouraged from handling a motorized wheelchair, as this can affect means of navigation.


Has the person operating the wheelchair practiced using it at home?


Practicing using the wheelchair at home is highly recommended before taking the wheelchair out into an outdoor environment. Doing this will assure that the person operating the vehicle is doing so in a safe manner. This will create more confidence for the person that is operating it and also within the family. Not having control over the wheelchair can cause serious damage, especially if one is driving too fast.

Is the person operating the wheelchair careful and aware of his capabilities?


Everyone has limitations when it comes to operating vehicles. There are many hazardous factors to consider in an outdoor environment, and practice should be carried out with a professional before a person is able to operate the wheelchair on their own.

The wheelchair should be operated with care and awareness when coming into contact with surfaces that are wet or uneven, or when there are holes and uphill inclines. 

Does the person operating the wheelchair have any knowledge of road rules?


When utilizing the motorized wheelchair outside, look into the road rules of the country that you are in if you are unsure, and remember to slow down or stop if there are any pedestrians around. Follow the direction of traffic flow when on a one-way street and be careful when passing other vehicles.

Is the wheelchair equipped with the appropriate safety tools for outdoor use?


The vehicle should have a safety belt, mirrors, as well as front and back light if the person using the wheelchair intends to travel in the nighttime. Lighter or bright coloured clothes should also be worn to ensure that other drivers are able to spot the person in the wheelchair. 

After taking these questions into consideration, the motorized wheelchair is ready to be operated in a safe and efficient way.

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